About Us

Discover a Dependable House Cleaning Company

We started our house cleaning company more than 29 years ago and since then, Lo Maximo Cleaning Services Inc. has become a benchmark for professionalism, excellence, and competence. Since we opened doors, we have helped numerous residents in Los Angeles, CA and we will gladly assist you as well. Discover a consummate and experienced partner in us.

Experienced Specialists

Our maid service in Los Angeles, CA, as well as our other options, are in demand. This is due to a number of factors. Our prices, for one, are affordable. We also offer lucrative discounts. Next, we use only top-notch instruments and materials that allow us to remove resilient stains and large dust and dirt buildups. With our help, you can live in a neat, tidy, and healthy indoor environment. Finally, we know the sanitation industry from the inside out and can easily handle laborious and time-sensitive projects.

No Cutting Corners

At Lo Maximo Cleaning Services Inc.. we abide by the state’s sanitation laws and hygiene regulations. Our house cleaning service is insured while our company is licensed by the state. We leave nothing to chance. We treat each property as our own and never take shortcuts. We are prepared to walk the extra mile to accommodate all your needs.

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