Cleaning Services FAQ’s

Booking a maid service is always worthwhile. When you work with diligent cleaners, you know that your home is sparkling clean and providing a healthy environment. You can hire Lo Maximo Cleaning Services Inc. for cleaning projects of any size or scope. Check out our FAQ’s.

Do you only clean residential properties?

Yes, we only treat residential buildings. Our crew performs a wide range of jobs, like carpet, window, and furniture cleaning. We do deep sanitizing and treat your home in Los Angeles, CA before or after special events as well.

Do I have to give you the keys if I am not at home?

Most of our regular clients do this. Of course, our residential cleaning crew doesn’t mind if you are present; however, most homeowners prefer their abode to be cleaned while they are at work. That way, they go back to a squeaky clean home after a long day in the office.

Do I have to provide any cleaning products or equipment?

No, that is not necessary. Our house cleaning company has invested in high-performance tools and machines delivering impeccable results.

How often will you come to treat my home?

Our team can schedule a weekly or monthly maintenance plan for you depending on several factors, such as the size of your house or apartment or its overall condition. If you have any more specific requirements, we will comply with those, too.

How much do you charge?

Lo Maximo Cleaning Services Inc. charges pretty reasonable rates for all our services. You can count on our crew to do everything with extreme care and attention. Besides, we offer free quotes and numerous discounts.

Can I clean my carpets instead of booking your services?

Domestic vacuum cleaners are a great tool for keeping carpets neat. However, they are not that powerful and don’t eliminate stains. Our company uses special techniques to kill all the living creatures down there and also remove stubborn stains. With our modern equipment, we can eliminate almost all blemishes as long as they haven’t settled.

Is your business legal?

Naturally! Our maid cleaning service provider in Los Angeles, CA is licensed and bonded.

What does “deep cleaning” mean?

Basic cleaning takes less time and is much simpler than deep cleaning. If you hire our team for a deep treatment, that means all your rooms and areas will be sanitized thoroughly. Specialized cleaners and machines will be used to wipe, dust, vacuum, mop, and wash all surfaces and areas. We remove soap scum from showerheads, taps, and kitchen & bath tiles. All the garbage bins will be emptied and washed out as well. Our crew will dust all the furniture, baseboards, and doors, and all the appliances will be cleaned, too. Washing your windows and doors will be a priority. In other words, deep cleaning encompasses jobs that we do not include during general cleaning.

For immaculate maid and carpet cleaning services, call our company at (310) 642-0053 today. Are you hesitating about the maintenance schedule your residence needs? By all means, talk to our skilled cleaners now, we will help you achieve a healthy environment.