House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Service is a serious business that requires proper equipment and materials for the job. We make it is a safe, environmentally friendly answer to many tough cleaning chores. Restoring your house’s beautiful look is far from glamorous, but there’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with taking a pool deck, driveway, or house and washing away years of dirt and grime in a matter of minutes. House Cleaning Los Angeles CAUnlike some other organizations that provide such services as painting and landscaping, House Cleaning Service is all we do. Lo Maximo Cleaning Services Inc. has been an authority in servicing greater Los Angeles CA for many years.

Maid Service

A trained maid service will ask a number of questions about your home and your relatives during the way of building your cleaning approximate, and you should in about ask questions about the home cleaning. Find out whether the companionship is bonded and insured; this protects your home and your personal property from theft or harm. Any respected maid service should be able to produce you with a certificate of assurance to secure you that they are indeed correctly insured. Be informed what the company’s cleaning policies are should you need to exchange a scheduled cleaning, whether or not they order an agreement for an exact length of period, who will present the cleaning products, what happens if something in your house is destroyed or damaged, and what kind of property warranty the maid service offers.