In this demanding life time is an asset and when you are busy in earning bread for your beloved ones, time is the rarest entity on the planet earth. Surely everyone wants to spend their time with their family and involve in their favorite activities but when you don’t have time proprieties change automatically and you can’t do much about it. In this scenario, finding time for housekeeping is naturally difficult but you do not have any option as living in a clean environment is not a luxury but it is necessary. If you think that you are not able to maintain your home, it’s better to opt for a Maid Service.

I’ve Never Used A Maid Service At All Before.

Today was the first time so I don’t have anything to compare it to. However I am quite a neat freak myself and I think they did a wonderful job. I also read a lot of reviews for different services that had me worried because of complaints of horrible cleaning jobs. A team of two came to clean, a man and a woman. They arrived 40 minutes early. I expected them to be late. They cleaned my living room and balcony after the ceilings had been renovated. There was a think layer of dust everywhere. I showed them exactly what I wanted done. They said it would take 2.5 hours. I usually do all the cleaning myself but my back is injured right now. But if I’m ever in a position again where I can’t do the cleaning or if I’m feeling like pampering myself I will definitely use them again. And I’d definitely recommend them to my friends. Loran, Los Angeles CA

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Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles CACarpet Cleaning Los Angeles CA

We clean carpets of all models and fabrics using eco-friendly equipment and materials provided by industry giant Prochem. Our professional cleaning will remove any dirt, dust and harmful bacteria from your carpet or upholstery. Lo Maximo Cleaning Services Inc. methods are great for wine stains, pet mess, building debris and general wear and tear. Our carpet cleaners work 7 days a week and we will schedule an appointment to suit you best.

Window Cleaning Los Angeles CA

Window cleaning is our bread and butter! When we arrive, we usually start on the inside of the house and we remove the screens. While we are on the insides, we wear shoe covers and we scrub and vacuum the window tracts. Then we clean the glass with a safe bio-degradable soap that is completely safe to use on window tinting. We use a no-drip method and we carry our buckets around on a drop-canvas. After we finish detailing the inside windows, we move our operation to the outside.

House Cleaning Service Los Angeles CA

House cleaning service are very individual. Building a relationship with the house cleaning service you select will be an significant piece of your joy. Communicate with them openly and truthfully about exactly what you look for from a thorough house cleaning. Call them with feedback on your level of comfort with the service you are receiving. Faith the information that your maid service gives you on how to best continue your home, and always display your gratitude to your assistance provider, whether you leave gratuity or just a pleasant note, your thanks will support their good performance.

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